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Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*

Nixie Clock IN-14 Full *Natural wood*

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La description

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Designed to pay homage to the era which birthed the Nixie, these clocks won’t pick up radio stations, won’t dock your iPod, and certainly won’t play CDs. But what they will do is display the time, beautifully and simply, like no other clock today can! Once utilized for military and high-end test equipment, Nixies are now prized for their modern aesthetics. The warm neon glow of a Nixie clock adds a cool retro touch to any office, home or work area. But hidden beneath those beautiful tubes from the 50’s is some of the latest technology providing you some of the neatest features available in a clock today. You truly have the best of both worlds... or both eras!

We can take you back in time to the 60's and 70's with that unforgettable classic warm glow of Nixie. When radios, TVs, and other devices were all supplied in wood cabinets. Made out of fine hardwoods, these are hand crafted and hand rubbed to a furniture quality.

Nixie clock Kit IN-14 (Full)

Key features
· Fully assembled and tested Nixie Clock

· Six 18mm high digits (IN-14 Nixie Tubes)

· Displays Time , Date and Temperature

· Unique RGB LEDs backlight with 256+1 colors and a lot of pre-defined auto color change effects

· Automatic indication brightness control

· Wireless temp. sensor connection

· Accurate & calibrated time clock. RTC for timekeeping + GPS sync.

· Integrated Alarm Clocks for 7 days of the week

· Easy control with IR remoute

· Uses standard 9-12v wall plug power supply

· Precision seconds setup

· Internal battery for power failure protection

· Simple time setting using two buttons

· Power On Self Test: LEDs test, tubes test, sound test.

Сore functionality
1. Give users the Time and Date
· Hours, Minutes and Seconds display
· selectable 12 or 24 hour display modes
· date format DD.MM.YY
2. Programmable date display each minute or selectable with a single button push
3. Scrolling display during fading-in the date or temperature
4. Seconds can be reset to zero to precisely the set time
5. “Slot Machine" cathode poisoning prevention routine enabled selectable time
6. Hourly Time signal
7. Different alarm time for 7 days of the week, can be controlled individually

8. Digital thermometer. (Celsius, Fahrenheit)
· connecting up to two wired sensors
· сan install wireless IR sensor module (optional)
9. GPS time sync (optional connection low-cost GPS receiver module)
10. Bult inTimer
11. Automatic or manual (6 levels) dimmed display and LEDs backlight. Programmable night mode - to prevent sleep disturbance.
12. Mass of Date and Time indication effects as an eye-catcher
· normal ,
· fading
· cross fading
· scroll back modes
· slot machine
· scroll back + slot machine
13. Programmable columns neon settings
· neon colon indicators blinking at 1Hz
· neon colon indicators blinking at 2Hz
· always off
· always on
· fading
14. Additional unique comma separator display effect – pendulum
· straightforward
· composite
15. Programmable RGB tube lighting – select your favorite color palette. Tri-colored LED mounted under the each NIXIE tube. These LED(s) can display pre-defined auto color change effects.
· auto changing colours
· rainbow
· candles imitation
· ultraviolet lights
· housing RGB backlight (optional)
16. Built-in battery socket, time backup during power interruptions
17. Powered from a single wall plug power supply

Sets of:
· A Watch
· Temperature sensor.
· Remote controller
· Power supply unit

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